Notifications Settings

With the Book-kinda services, you can send an email, SMS, and Whatsapp notifications about any actions to your customers and staff. You can set the title and content of these email notifications with specific keywords as you want.

To do this you click on Workflow module.

Workflow is a great feature where you can easily do all your automating actions. By creating various combinations in this module, you can make a certain action happen in a certain situation. This module has been prepared perfectly and this feature, which is magnificent even in its current form, contains a lot of potential for the future.

Email notifications, SMS notifications, and WhatsApp notifications will be sent through the Workflow from now. Another advantage of this feature is that the notifications are not limited to the customer and staff only. It is possible to send notifications to the desired people other than the staff and the customer.

The combinations you create are entirely up to you. For example, you can even create a combination like this:

When: New booking
Do this: Send Email and Send SMS Message and Send WhatsApp Message and Send Telegram Message
To: Customer and Staff and Website admin and Emails and phone numbers in custom forms

Any imaginable combinations are possible in our Workflow module.

All the filtering options for notifications are still available in the Workflow module. Also, the “Any locale” selection has been added as language filtering, which protects sending notifications against possible misconfiguration.


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