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Locations Settings

The Book Kinda Appointment Booking Services supports multi-locations. If your company is located simultaneously in several locations, you can combine them on a system by adding each separately. You can accept separate reservations for each place. You can add staff for locations, compare your locations and create a rating program to create competition among them.
Just click the ADD LOCATION button to add a new location.

Please enter the location’s name, add an image, write Address, and choose it from the map in the opening window. Enter the phone number and note a short description.

How to get Google Map API and make it work?

  • Click the menu, then APIs & Services > Library;

  • You need to search for the Maps JavaScript API and enable it;

  • . Click the Menu > APIs & Services > Credentials;

  • You need to click to CREATE CREDENTIALS and choose the API key;

  • Lastly, you need to copy the API key from the opening pop-up and paste it to your Book Kinda > Google Maps API Key.

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