Customers in the Book-kinda

In the Book-kinda Services, all of your customers’ data is stored in the database. You can export your customers’ data to an excel file whenever you want, or you can add new customers from a CSV file with the import function.

If you want to add a new customer manually, go to the Customers menu and click the ADD NEW button.

Fill in the name, surname, email, phone number of customers, add a profile picture, gender, and date of birth.

Then you will be able to add the customer to the list by clicking the SAVE button.

With a functional and searchable toolbar, you can search by your customer’s name, surname, phone number, and email. You can sort a list through the ASC or DESC in the column.

By using the “Allow to login” feature, you can also create a WordPress user for your customers. Thus, your customers will be able to manage their own appointments in the Customer panel.

If you want to delete any customer, go to the options in front of it and click on the Delete button.

If you want to change customers’ data, go to the options in front of it and click the Edit button.

You can also delete customers in bulk by selecting customers and clicking the delete button at the bottom.

Customer registration

For creating a username and password for your customers, you need to enable the SMS/WhatsApp or E-mail Notifications.

When you enable the Access to Customer Panel section, the plugin will send a Username and Password to your Customers. A random password will be created and sent to your customers only when the “Access to Customer Panel” notification action is used. In the other options, the password cannot be sent because it is encrypted in the database.

There are two shortcodes. The first one is for the URL of your Customer Panel: {customer_panel_url}

The second one is a randomly generated password: {customer_panel_password}

Once they log in to their account with the password that is automatically generated by the system, they can change their password.

Also, their email address will be their username. So, please keep the email input as a required field at the Booking panel so that all customers enter their email addresses. Your customer can log into the system using the WordPress login page.

Please keep in mind that the front-end Customer Panel must be enabled.


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